Biden Reiterates US Egyptian Strategic Ties At COP27

US president Joe Biden took part in Sharm El Sheikh’s COP27 climate conference on Friday wherein he gave a speech about the dire consequences of the current climate crisis and how he plans to fund and take part in efforts to counteract climate change.

In his speech, he stressed on the importance of making sure that the average rise in global temperatures is within 1.5 degrees Celsius as per the Paris agreement made in 2015. Knowing that green house gas emissions are the focal cause of the current crisis with the US being one of the top greenhouse gas emitters, the US president also said that its time to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels as our primary energy source, commenting on the current Russia Ukraine war Biden stated, “Russia’s war only enhances the urgency of the need to transition the world off its dependence on fossil fuels.”

During his 22-minute brief address, the president was interrupted by four protestors as they unfurled a banner and protested against the use of fossil fuels but UN security agents intervened. Following a brief pause, the president continued his address and discussed some of the steps taken towards the goal of reducing fossil fuel emissions including his allocation of 500 million dollars to promote Egypt’s use of clean energy as well as his public announcement of securing $369 billion dollars in his efforts to make the US greener and more sustainable.

In the sidelines of the COP27 summit, president Joe Biden also held a meeting with Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi where they discussed everything from the latest developments in Palestine and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) to the Russia and Ukraine Crisis as well as the latest developments in Libya, Yemen and Syria.

President Joe Biden shared his appreciation of Egypt’s stance towards the Russia and Ukraine Crisis, “in the face of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Egypt has spoken up strongly in the United Nations and that is appreciated very much as well.”

Following his short trip to COP27, the president then headed off to attend the ASEAN and G20 summits in Asia.

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