Who Is Egypt’s Fastest Growing Real Estate Developer?

With so much construction and development taking place on swathes of land across Egypt, it can be hard to pinpoint who exactly is ahead of the entire pack in the property market. So many companies and developers, both local and international, are working round the clock transforming the country. How can we possibly guess who’s top dog? Well, you might not know that Egypt’s fastest growing real estate developer today is, in fact, Inertia.

Having always followed an unorthodox approach to their endeavours, from their very beginnings to the core of their current business model, they have always had a unique flavour to them which has only brought them unprecedented success.

Inertia’s projects can be found in all of Egypt’s beautiful and prime locations, with lavish properties in the North Coast, Cairo, and not one, but two addresses along the Red Sea coast in El Gouna and Sahl Hasheesh.

And no wonder Inertia has been thriving. Having been in the game for the last 12 years and boasting an inventory worth EGP 100bn, they’ve always been committed to offering a quality of living only befitting of today’s cosmopolitan clientele.

This has only been made possible thanks to their careful approach to choosing which projects to take on. Inertia’s homes can’t just be blocks of concrete with roofs for people to live in. They must have an edge which distinguishes them from the rest, while also addressing all the needs of 21st century living. That’s why their homes offer a lifestyle unmatched by any other.

And it’s not just homes. There are medical centres as well, emblematic of the developer’s vision of building vibrant, functional communities within their projects. However, along with ensuring an exceptional standard of living in its services, Inertia doesn’t spare any effort in offering the finest aesthetics, with opulent designs and ambient atmospheres overlooking some of the most photogenic and scenic views of the country.

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