#WaraElCeema: An Exclusive Chat With Sedky Sakhr Following the Success of ‘B100 Wesh’ and ‘Leh La2a’

Credits: Photographer Dalia Naous

For this edition of #WaraElCeema, we had an exclusive sit down with the multi-talented artist, Sedky Sakhr. Sedky has been going places and making mad waves recently, especially after the success of his latest roles in “B 100 Wesh” and “Leh La2a”. Aside from being a talented actor, Sedky also is a founding member in Youssra El Hawary’s band, where he plays the harmonica.

Sedky also played important roles in “Zay El Shams”, the second season of “El Gama3a”, and “Fe Kol Esboo3 Youm Gom3a”. He also did the vocals and voice acting for the character of Fares in the English version of Egypt’s first animated movie “Fares Wa El Amira”. Follow our hashtag #WaraElCeema for more exclusives from the industry!

How did you get into acting?

Acting was a passion since I was in school and I used to participate in school plays and poetry competitions. One day I received a call when I was 15 years old from the principal. She told me that she has an interesting opportunity for me. Lubna Abdelaziz was auditioning for her children’s program on the radio, and she was searching for ones that can act in English. So I was nominated by my principal and I got chosen, and this was my first professional acting on the radio.

It was a weekly show, and I kept doing it for six or seven years! And then I joined a theater company (Founded By Abdelsalam Youssry) in 2003, and we did several productions. One thing led to the other then I started working in short independent movies, then feature-length ones, and then I made my way into mainstream drama and tv.

Which role do you consider as your favorite so far?

My role in Leh La2a is definitely one of my favorites. It’s a sweet, lovable character. It’s a nice role and has a substantial role on the course of events. But I have to mention a role that I played in Villa 69. My character was from the 70s, and I really enjoyed the customs and the hairstyle from that era.

How did Youssra El Hawary’s band come to life?

I mentioned earlier that I joined a theater company in 2003, around three years later, Youssra El Hawary joined the company as well, along with Shady El Husseiny who now plays the piano with the band. The three of us worked, acted, and played music together. In 2012, Youssra started writing her own songs, and gave it a shot with solo performance. She used to perform solo for a few months, then she contacted me and Shady since we were already close friends and worked together.

She contacted us to work on a song together, jam, and see what comes out of it. The song was El Soor, and we released it to become a hit back then. Then we started the band in 2012, and other members started to join.

What inspired you the most in your career?

My father is a writer and a novelist, so I already grew up in an atmosphere that supports arts. My father has always been writing but only decided to write at a later stage of his life. So this was really super inspiring for me, that he was pursuing his dream, ever at a later stage of life. This gave me a push, because I used to be an engineer who worked at a multinational telecommunication company. But I quit a year back, in order to pursue arts full time. Having my father as a role model to pursue my dream made me take this leap of faith to follow my passion, and it’s paying off right now.

How did you get ready for your character in “B 100 Wesh”?

I had to ask myself what does that character wants, what dictates his actions, what are his needs. The answer that he just wants peace. He wants his old friends back. He’s holding on to these good old school days, where we used to all hangout and be friends. He refuses to admit that things change, that we grew up and apart.

He wants peace, and this is reflected in all the aspects of his life. His wife, kids, and the life he leads. And that’s how the character was written, it’s a contrast of the life that Omar leads, and it’s the life that Omar was supposed to have. The fact that me and Asser go way back and knowing Loay from before made it easier to play this role and express my true friendly emotions to both of them.

Talk to us about your role in “Leh La2a”.

I play the role of Adam, the supportive cousin to Alya (Amina Khalil). It’s an amazing role that I fell in love with in the first moment I laid my eyes on it. It’s the character that one would need in his own life. He’s also wise and rational, and not very impulsive. I really enjoyed playing it.

I have a cousin of my own that we grew up close to each other, and I also was the witness to her marriage. The character is enjoyable for me because of how close it is to me in real life. I’ve known most of the cast for years, from childhood friends to school friends, so I really enjoyed working with them. Mariam Abu Ouf is an amazing director who made this whole thing so enjoyable, friendly, and fun. And Mariam Naoum’s script is really well-written. It’s one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on, and I’m so glad about the feedback so far.

What are your future plans?

There might be a new project coming out soon but I shouldn’t be talking about it. For music, I’m currently working with Mariam El Khosht on a couple of covers. Just like a passion project, a couple of songs, since we have the same taste in music.

We hope to release them soon. I also practice music every day and trying to learn new instruments. I’m definitely looking forward to more concerts with Youssra El Hawary. I would hope for a tour after the lockdown is over. And hopefully, get time to work on some of my own stuff.

WE SAID THIS: We’re definitely excited to see more of this talented artist!

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