Signs Your Startup Is Not Ready for Investment

You have started a business or a company and need to fund it further to the next level. When your business faces some risks or needs more funding, you should think about involving an angel investing group or organization to help you out.  With angel investors, you can have part of the funding provided by an investor who will then take up part of your company’s equity. As such, the investor becomes one of the shareholders of your startup company. However, there are some things you need to fulfill for an angel investor to accept to be part of your business.

Requirements your business should meet to attract an angel investor

1.     Should provide the initial funding. The angel investor comes in when the startup is at the risk stage and funds the business through equity exchange.
2.     Should have all the distribution channels ready and real customers must support the business before an angel investor comes in.
3.     Your business needs to have a strategic plan before you can invite angel investors.
4.     Develop a financing model for the business
5.     Your business should have a set of key milestones it has developed for angel investors to trust it.

There are other requirements that your business should meet apart from the above. You can research more. At times, some startups may not be ready for investments and this means angel investors will not be ready or willing to help out.

Signs your startup business is not ready for investment

1.     You didn’t raise seed capital from friends and family. This is a very important aspect of angel investing and if your friends or family did not take part in your business, an angel investor will hesitate to fund your startup. Remember that angel investors want to invest in a business they can trust. A lack of funding from friends or family means that an angel investor will not trust your business investing model.

2.     You have a team that is imbalanced, unqualified, or have unclear ownership. This is another case of a company that is not ready for investment. You must have a team that is qualified to run the company, have a clear written article of association, and rather have legally binding terms of operation. The company should also have a CEO who is responsible for the day to day running of the business. This is the best way to attract angel investors.

3.     If you only care about how much money you can raise and not how much money it will cost. Some business startups are more interested in the amounts they can raise for the business and not really how much they need for the business. Remember that the money people are contributing to start the business is a risk. It is not just fundraising. As such, a business that does not care about how much it will cost for the startup is not ready for angel investing.

4.     You built a product and people didn’t want it. There are times when you have a great idea, make a product, push it to the market but people are not interested in it. If this is the case with your startup, it means that your research was not well done. When this happens, your business is not ready for investors and therefore you have to go back to the drawing board.

If your business suffers the above consequences, you will have to think about your way of investing or your business model. Do the research and be sure of the requirements of angel investors before you approach them.

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