Massive Entertainment Investment: Magic Land Alhokair Pours $17.2M Into Tanza Project In Egypt

The CEO of Magic Land Alhokair (a subsidiary of Saudi-headquartered Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair Group), Mahmoud Jaber, announced that during the past year (so far), the company invested $17.2 million of the total planned investment of 1.1 billion dollars in the Tanza project, a massive entertainment complex that’ll house seven unique entertainment areas.

Opening its doors at Magic Land in the Egyptian media production city, guests will get to experience seven entertainment zones, including adventure, racing, sports, a forest, cinema and theater, a children’s area, and a dolphinarium.

Gaber also announced that Magic Land Alhokair has more projects in Egypt, including a new entertainment complex in East Cairo. All these recreational projects are part of Egypt’s National Tourism Development Strategy, which aims to increase the number of tourists arriving in Egypt to 30 million by 2028.

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