World Divided Over UN Security Council’s Call For Gaza Ceasefire

For the first time, the UN Security Council demanded an immediate ceasefire. It was an unexpected moment, as for months, the council’s 15 members had been divided over Gaza.

Yet, on Monday, all 14 members, other than the US, voted in favor of the resolution. The fact that the US abstained from voting and didn’t use its veto to block the resolution was also what made it significant.

Israel’s Reaction

No one knows if the vote will make any practical difference on the ground in Rafah and Khan Younis, but what can be said is that it sparked a nerve with Israel and caused a further rift in the alliance between the US and Israel.

Even before the resolution was made, Israel already expressed feeling turned away from global nations. Ron Dermer, Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister, expressed that sentiment: ” All those countries turning away from Israel now will look back at this moment as a mark of shame.”

Beyond that, on several occasions, Israel condemned the UN Security Council for previous resolutions that hadn’t specifically condemned Hamas.

The World’s Reaction

Once the decision was made, a stir was caused over social media, with some siding with it while others criticizing the resolution. Some found the decision to be weak and that it wouldn’t lead to anything in Gaza.

For others, it’s a milestone. Muhammad Azhar, a crypto tech enthusiast, celebrated the decision, “This is a significant step towards peace and justice for the people of Gaza. It’s heartening to see global efforts to prioritize civilian lives and halt the violence.”

Overall, the resolution is a milestone, but again, it’s unclear if it’ll come to fruition, as, on the same day, Israel hit Gaza with several airstrikes.

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