Resignation Wave Hits Israeli Army: Key Leaders Step Down Over Internal Turmoil

The Israeli army is currently going through a state of disturbance, as reported by the Israeli news website Now 14. Several senior officials announced their retirement from the army, including Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, the second man in the Israeli occupation army.

Many others also resigned, including the second man in Hagari’s team Colonel Butbul, Colonel Moran Katz, and the international spokesperson for the Israeli occupation military Lieutenant Richard Hecht.

So far, when it comes to the reason behind the resignations, there are talks that the information department managed by Hagari is in “a state of turmoil.”

Officers have been protesting the operations of the department and that disturbance is the main reason for their resignation. According to journalist Tamir Morgue, a correspondent for the Israeli website Now 14, the number of officials who announced their retirement at the same time during the war is unusual and exceptional.

With all that being said, nothing more has been communicated about the resignations and reasons behind the large number of officers ending their roles in the Israeli military.

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