Netanyahu Unveils Post-War Plan For Gaza: What Comes On The ‘Day After’

Now, as we approach the 5-month mark of the ongoing Gaza genocide, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, unveiled a plan he calls the ‘post-war’ plan. He wrote up the first draft of what the ‘day after’ in Gaza will look like.


In his plan, he envisions Israel closing off Gaza’s Southern border with Egypt as well as having Israel take complete control of entry and exit from the enclave.

He also wants to overhaul Gaza’s civil administration and education systems, including cutting off funding from Qatar. Along with that, he wants to completely demilitarize the enclave.

The most controversial aspect of the plan is his insistence not to recognize a Palestinian state. “Israel outright rejects international dictates regarding a permanent settlement with the Palestinians,” the Netanyahu outline says.

So far, the proposal has been rejected by Palestinian organizations. It’s understood not to be a peace plan but essentially “security guidelines to define the situation in Gaza ‘the day after Hamas’.” It’s unknown what will be made of this plan and if there will be any changes.

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