Empowering Egypt: Visionary Mohsen Sarhan On The Egyptian Food Bank’s 2024 Goals

For two decades, the Egyptian Food Bank has been a beacon of hope, tirelessly helping underprivileged individuals and communities, enriching lives, and combatting unfavorable situations. 

Recently, at the Misinformation/Disinformation Symposium held by Synerjies this Sunday, we had the honor of sitting down with one of their renowned speakers, visionary CEO of The Egyptian Food Bank, Mohsen Sarhan, to discuss the organization’s ambitious plans for 2024.

Here are some highlights of the interview:

2024 Goals: What Does EFB Have In Store?

The Egyptian Food Bank is expanding across all fronts, going all in with 2024 plans, directing their focus across three areas: 

Direct Food Aid

In an attempt to address the needs of the elderly and disabled, The EFB is planning to elevate its outreach efforts from 100,000 families to 130,000 families. This shows their dedication to providing aid to those who are facing certain employment challenges.

The Next Generation: Schools and Nurseries

Since offering assistance to children in schools and nurses is one of the top priorities of the EFB, Sarhan disclosed that their 2024 goal is to reach 100,000 students per day this year. They recently doubled their efforts and jumped from 30,000 to 60,000 students per day.

Agriculture Collaborations

In a strategic move toward community empowerment, The Egyptian Food Bank is making efforts to source its supplies locally, which, consequently, may lead to more stable prices and job opportunities for farmers.

Continuing Commitment to Gaza

Continuing their solidarity with the cause, The Egyptian Food Bank is still providing aid to the people of Gaza. With about 500 trucks already dispatched, they’ll keep supporting those in need.

The good news is that, despite economic challenges, Sarhan assured that the donations to Gaza aren’t affected. 

Choose Your Sources As Carefully As You Choose Your Food

On the note of the symposium’s main talking point, misinformation and disinformation, which took center stage, Sarhan highlighted the importance of choosing credible sources of information for our minds as meticulously as we choose non-toxic food for our bodies. 

Glimpse Of Hope

Witnessing the incredible efforts made by the EFB toward providing aid and aiming for a brighter and better future for the country, one is filled with such an inspiring glimpse of hope and gratitude.

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