Global Divide: Netanyahu’s Defiance And China’s Call For Peace Post-ICJ

Since the end of the ICJ hearings when South Africa filed a genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice, the world stood at two opposing ends of the same spectrum, those for and those against what was said in support of Palestine.

Netanyahu’s Defiant Response To ICJ

Shocking the world once again with his blatant refusal to end the genocide is Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In a state of defiance, Netanyahu gave a provocative televised speech on Saturday. “Israel will pursue its war on Gaza until victory and won’t be stopped by anyone, including the World Court,” Netanyahu said.

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China’s Push for 2-State Solution

On the other end of the spectrum is China, which became an unlikely ally for Palestine. Very recently, following the end of the ICJ hearings, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi released a statement about implementing an even bigger, more authoritative Palestinian peace conference and launching a timetable on how to implement a 2-state solution.

On one hand, the hearings sparked further rage and violence from Netanyahu, while on the other hand, it sparked a wise and peaceful need for an end to the war from China’s foreign minister.

This goes to show that the current Gaza genocide and occupation of Palestine continue to spark starkly opposing views across the globe, making us think, when is this ever going to come to an end? Will there come a time when the world will reach an agreement on the occupation and the fate of the Palestinian people?

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