Egypt’s Aftermath

After yesterday’s chaos, Egypt today remains silent. A curfew was imposed in Cairo and other cities overnight, after yesterday’s crackdown, many Egyptians woke up today depressed, upset at how their country has hit rock bottom in only a few hours.

After one of Egypt’s worst days in history, here’s a look at what went down.

Above is footage of Cairo completely silent after curfew had been imposed. This is unprecedented in a city that never sleeps!

Above is an aerial shot of different locations in Cairo burning during the dispersal of the Pro-Morsi sit ins.

Shot of Gam3et el Dowal next to a gas station, that was burnt down by Pro- Morsi supporters

Pro – Morsi supporters built barricades made from sidewalks located in Mohandesin.

The Aftermath in Nasr City.

Chicken Tikka, one of Egypt’s favorite restaurants destroyed on Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz