Egypt’s Remains Silence


After yesterday’s chaos, Egypt today remains silence. A curfew was imposed in Cairo and other cities overnight, after yesterday’s crackdown, many Egyptians woke up today depressed, upset about how their country has hit rock bottom in only a few hours.

With at least 421 people dead, and God knows how many were injured, after yesterday’s clashes, Egyptians got the world’s attention.

John Kerry, the US secretary of state, said the “deplorable” events were “a real blow to reconciliation efforts”. While the EU foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton also criticized the use of force.

Waking up today to an uncertain future, the streets of Cairo were empty.

The count of dead bodies still varies, but the Muslim Brotherhoods stated that more than 2000 died on Wednesday morning.

Not only have we lost many lives that day, but we also lost at least 43 police officers who were trying to protect this country. Our prayers go out to them.

Jeremy Bowen, BBC Middle East editor said, that the Muslim Brotherhood is likely to continue with its protests, especially when they have waited more than 80 years to take power, and were shocked when it was taken away from them in a split of a second.

After Yesterdays destruction and massacre, VP Mohamed ElBaradei announced his resignation, stating that he could not and I quote “shoulder the responsibility for a single drop of blood”.

On the other hand, the authorities managed to arrest some of the Top Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Essam El Erian and Mohamed El Beltagi. However, it was announced yesterday that Mohamed El Beltagi’s daughter Asmaa, 17, died yesterday in the clashes. May her soul rest in peace.

I remember the day where everyone was proud to be an Egyptian, and now we have media criticizing us for our actions.

What happened to the day where we all got along and religion wasn’t an issue. Now Egypt our country is falling apart, day by day. With fear inside all the Egyptians, we hope that this all comes to an end.

Be safe everyone.