Does Myriam Fares Really Deserve a “Documentary” On Netflix?

Of course you heard about the upcoming “documentary” on Netflix “Myriam Fares, The Journey.”

Within the last few days, Myriam infested her social media with news about this documentary. When I saw these posts, I thought; journey? What journey? I’ve been a huge fan of Myriam Fares since I was a high school teenager. However, I don’t recall any spectacular events in her life to be considered a “journey.”

Myriam Fares had a very disappointing career path lately

Myriam hasn’t made any new music since her last album ‘Aman,’ which was released in 2015. And, along the course of her life/career, she hasn’t made anything extraordinary worthy of being documented on, let alone on the most popular streaming platform globally. 

As I mentioned, I’m a big fan of Myriam Fares, and she’s truly one of my favorite Arab performers. She might not have an exceptional voice, or even a good one in my opinion, and her singing techniques are not enough to make up for this disadvantage. At the end of the day, she isn’t Fayrouz, and I don’t think she sees herself as a vocal artist. 

It seems that she knows her point of strength, which is merely performance. She’s an outstanding dancer, and her music videos are a continuous parade of extravaganza. The thoroughly made and well-executed choreographies, alongside the draggy, creative, and out-of-the-box fashion choices that she makes herself, are a combination that deliver uniqueness, nerve, and talent. 

Does Myriam Fares deserve a whole documentary on Netflix? 

Via Ournia

It’s not a matter of worthiness here. Netflix makes content that has the potential to reach as many audiences as possible because, at the end of the day, it’s a profitable mega-corporation. In addition, a documentary about an artist like Fares, who has garnered many fans around the Middle East, has the required potential needed to make it to production. 

Fares got married, has a beautiful family, and hasn’t created any music since 2015. It seems that she may have given up on her music career, which was quite disappointing to her fans, including me.

Apparently, the khaleeji concerts and weddings are paying enough to throw away a career, and this is a sad matter because Myriam Fares could have potentially become the Arab Jennifer Lopez due to her beautiful figure, her exceptional dancing, her creative choreography, and her taste for crazy and visually dazzling looks. 

She’s an artist who portrayed her talents so well, climbed her way up into the Arab pop culture scene, and proved herself to be a diva

What is Myriam Fares’s journey exactly? 

I’m not really sure, but the trailer gives a glance at the hardships Myriam lived through during the quarantine of 2020, while she was pregnant and preparing for her upcoming album. 

Is that all? 

Well, no, the documentary dwells on how she used baking to overcome her stress following the lockdown. And to be honest, in a time when the whole world lived the horrors of a pandemic, the stress of losing jobs and becoming homeless, this documentary feels very irritating. 

I said what I said, and I’m not going to watch this, as my mental and physical health cannot take this crap.

Finally, a much needed note about the offensive looks in her song “Qumy”

Now, I must ask: what the heck was that? She wore a black face and portrayed one of the ugliest cultural appropriations in one video?

I mean, did anyone not see this look before the shooting and scream out loud, NO, THIS IS RACIST? No one told her what a black face symbolizes, and what racist, oppressive, and offensive bull it stands for? I cannot even with this..

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