Najat Al-Saghira: A Golden Voice & Cinematic Icon Emerges in Riyadh

After 20 years of a consistent hideaway in the shadows of the artistic scene and from cameras, the Egyptian voice Najat Al-Saghira made a long-awaited appearance at the Joy Awards in Riyadh last Saturday, January 20, performing Oyoun El-Alb.

This golden moment is an opportunity to bring to memory a decades-long career of one of Egypt’s most adored artists. Najat, who’s now 86 years old, is a voice that exists in the everyday collective consciousness of the Egyptian people.

Timeless songs like Ana Baashaq El Bahr, Bahlam Maak, and Ya Mesafer Wahdak keep her place as an iconic musician and a cornerstone of the modern Egyptian experience and the Arab one in general.

Via Sada Al Balad

It’s not only her voice and lyrics that continue to seep through the culture but also her roles in Egyptian cinema that left an everlasting impression.

In her cinematic career, Najat worked with some of the towering figures in the field. She worked with Fatin Abdel Wahab in 7 Ayam Fe Elgana and is remembered for her roles in other movies like Chatei el Marah and The Black Candles.

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