Billie Jean Is Not Our Lover but ‘Thriller LIVE’ in Cairo Is!


Everyone knows and loves Michael Jackson! You just do. You have to. It’s part of being a human being. We, us people: We are born, we get introduced to the King of Pop, fall in love with him and then we wither and die. Which is why we were so freakin’ happy when we heard our friends from Fun Factory were bringing the magical music of MJ right here to Cairo in the form of Thriller LIVE.



Jackson was known for beig an ultimate showman, and the epic West End production Thriller LIVE is an attempt to justify this claim with a fixed set, a live band, professional dancers and vocalists, and do you know what? It absolutely works. We headed to The Marquee for the opening night, and as soon as the show started and our ear drums adjusted to the decibels, the nostalgia hit home. From the early Jackson Five motown hits through Jackson’s disco-era and to millenial favorites, the greats kept on coming.



The second half was our favorite because of the killer lineup, whihc included “Billie Jean”, “Thriller”, “Bad” and “Smooth Criminal”. It was a perfect crescendo that had the audience in rapture by show’s end, with some brilliant staging. The choreography was by far the strongest aspect of the show. It was inventive, exhilarating and almost exhausting to watch.



If you’re looking for something to make you think, laugh or cry, then Thriller LIVE is not for you. However, if you’re a Jacko fan and looking to dance your night away, there’s nowhere better to go!




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