Horrifying Video of Syrian Girl Being Bullied in the UK Goes Viral

You’ve probably heard about the shocking video that emerged from the UK about the Syrian boy who got bullied in his school, Huddersfield, a while back. The video literally outraged the whole internet and it got everyone speaking out about the incident, to the extent that a fund was made for the victim’s family and it garnered over 120,000 Euros.

So today, the 29th, yet another infuriating video has surfaced from the same school, but this time it’s the boy’s 14-year-old sister who was the victim. The internet is losing its mind over this, and they are calling the girl “the pink Hijabi girl”.

You can watch the video here!

Apparently, all the media attention that the family has got grabbed the attention of other teen-haters that are targeting the family.

WE SAID THIS: We really hope that this comes to an end soon. We’ll keep you updated regarding the matter!

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