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One of my favorite Egyptian fashion bloggers has to be Berna Ibrahim. With a stylish edge and an eye for trends, Berna is on her way to becoming a regional sensation. With the launch of her new website, www.bernaibrahim.com, we think you should definitely keep up with Berna Ibrahim.



What made you want to become a fashion blogger?


I believe I always had it in me, shopping, mixing and matching outfits. It all started at home as I used it as a method for organizing my closet, trying on and preparing outfits ahead for different events. I found it very entertaining and pleasant and then it opened my horizons to something bigger.



How did this all start?


As a person who studied marketing and being blessed to work at my father’s foreign trade company, I started looking at life from a different perspective. So, I decided to follow my dream and put all my experiences into something I love and want to see or feel the change in Egypt.

I love my career, it’s so prestigious and powerful, but also I love doing what I love on the side. Fashion blogging was a perfect fit for me. Being one of the few Egyptian bloggers who actually have a blog is a big thing for me as I really am a huge fan and supporter of the booming Egyptian design industry.

I wanted to be a part of this major wave and try to make a difference. I was inspired by all the Turkish and Europeans bloggers and I finally took the step and started the blog with my friend and blog editor Shereen Hammad.

I started to express myself on Instagram, then I started an Instagram account “@_thedress”. It was an inspirational and online shopping account. My first full on event was at Eat & Barrelwhen the owners asked me to throw an event for them and it boomed! The event was on the last week of 2014, which gave me a head start to 2015. This year is my year!



What is your favorite project/collaboration?


Every project is unique and has its own sparkle. I am blessed with such an experience, it sends me to the moon and back each time I start a collaboration.



How do you feel about the fashion industry in Cairo?


Egypt is rising from the ashes into a beautiful butterfly. We have a lot of talented people out there waiting for a chance to shine.



Describe your style.


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I love everything glamorous! Why go small and simple when you can go BIG and BOLD? I always find my happiest side in sequins, sneakers, tights, loose, black, red, plain and floral. Mix it up people, mix it up.



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