Growing Up With Younger Siblings: 6 Fights You’ve Surely Had

For those who have younger siblings, it was probably all fun and cute a lot of the time. As your baby siblings grow up, you enjoy their little funny gestures and how random they can be. But, there comes a time when they start to talk and understand, and we aren’t really sure if who they become, coincides with who we are. Trouble erupts around the age of five, and you stop worrying about going to hell because…you’re already there. Here are some struggles that we all faced with our younger siblings!

They take your things, ruin it, or lose it

Don’t lie and say they haven’t taken your video game controller, your cards, or even your clothes. They take your things, use them or break them, or just make them vanish. Good luck trying to look for it, or asking your mom where it went. Once your younger sibling gets a hold of your things, be sure it won’t look the same when/if you get them back.

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They eavesdrop and snitch on you

It’s like you’re living with the police. They listen to everything you say, from your other siblings, to your friends. Additionally, they ask all kinds of questions regarding things that don’t concern them. They threaten you by saying they’ll snitch on you to your parents. There may be times when you have to reverse the situation, and scare them off instead. Not to mention the potential blackmailing that would ensue…

They want to go out with you

It doesn’t matter if you are going to school, a job interview, or out with some friends. Your younger sibling would most likely cry, put on his/her shoes whilst wearing their pajamas, and beg to go out with you. Beware of the times your parents actually ask you to take them out with you, as this will surely serve as the best free babysitting you can ever do.

They don’t understand boundaries

It doesn’t matter if you tell them to leave your room, to stay away from your phone, or to shut up so you can study. They. Will. Do. Whatever. They. Wanna. Do. Don’t you dare speak up about it though, because that’s when the sirens go on, and they’ll cry as loudly as they can. They just have no regard for anyone’s space and it’s absolutely irritating.

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They just want to make you the bad guy

They could start provoking you, and pushing all your buttons. This could be done through several methods. Throwing your things on the floor, staring at you for too long without saying anything, or perhaps insulting you. They’ll just keep going at it until you either raise your voice, or simply lose your mind! That’s when the crying makes a comeback, making sure your parents, as well as the rest of the town, hear the wails. Right here, in this moment, the devil has arrived in human form.

When you babysit them

If your parents left you in charge of your siblings, be it at home or at school, you might pop a vein. Most probably, they will not listen to you, simply because you are their archenemy. They’ll just go rogue, and do whatever they want to do. Good luck with the cardio activation that’ll follow, as you’ll be running around after them, trying to get them to listen.

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