Motherhood in the Arab World; 7 Habits That Will Never Get Old

Some things never change. If you are an Arab mother in Egypt, in the UAE, or even in France, you are always going to be the same, an Arab mom. That means you have some habits, sayings, and behaviors that you’re always going to take with you everywhere you go. Arab moms are entertaining, comedic, and we love them no matter what. To celebrate all Arab moms around the world for mother’s day, here are some of the most comedic habits and traditions that all Arab mothers agree on.

Arab moms in front of family VS guests

If you are reading this article, you probably have an Arab mom and this is no news to you. They really care about hospitality and will run around making sure everything is okay for the guests and appearances. Once the guests arrive, they are angels sent from God. It’s hilarious, moms!

Arab moms and the rain

You’ll see them running around to save the laundry that was supposed to dry from the rain. At this point, we all know better than to tell them it’s raining, and just go get the laundry ourselves.

Arab moms do everything themselves

Whether you want to get a haircut or buy new clothes, they’re going to cut your hair themselves, and they will give you your older sibling’s hand-me-downs. Anyone who grew up in an Arab house knows this truth way too well.

Arab moms and discipline

It pains me to say it but it’s true. Once they arrive with their belts or slipper, you know it’s whooping time.

Arab moms whose children never grow up

They don’t care how old you are, how big their mistakes are, they will always react the same. And when you are too familiar with this and you start to react, it’s a shock to them.

Arab moms and their TV shows

They always get you hooked on TV shows! One day you’ll be sitting minding your own business, they’ll recite to you the TV show. The next thing you know, you watch it regularly with them. That’s an Arab mom’s quality time with her children.

Arab mom and their cleaning schedule

Nothing is going to get in their way when they decide it’s time to clean! It’s one of the most important things in an Arab house and you know it.

They never stop making us laugh with their weird habits and young souls, and we love them all just the way they are.

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