From Mental Boosts to Body Activation, Jump Start Your Day With These Morning Routines!

Wake up with a smile, and kick the day off with a great start? Yeah, we’ve heard that one before. But, now it’s time to include other potential ideas for healthy morning routines. It’s honestly hard to wake up every day with positivity or a smile on your face, especially with all that’s happening in the world, from the global pandemic stories we hear about daily, to work conflicts and on and on. But you know what? There’s always a way to plug in some healthy morning routines, and light up our days, even just a little bit. It all depends on how we start off our day. There certainly are endless positive routines that each and every one of us can commit to each morning, and blast off the day in a fresh and rightful manner!

Wait a minute, why is it actually important and healthy to have a morning routine? Routine is an action that happens again and again, creating a rhythm in your life, but the main factor here is in applying a healthy rhythm. Healthy morning routines deflate stress, which leads to an improved overall mental and physical well-being. Each and everyone of us have different morning routines, and some might not have any. One last thing though before we move on! Keep in mind that you might need to wake up earlier in order to incorporate these healthy morning routines. On a side note, waking up early already serves as a healthy habit. Now, STOP hitting the snooze button, and let’s get started!

Routines for a positive mental boost

  • MeditationWe all hear a lot about meditation, and how it has a positive effect on people. Yet, we’re probably too lazy sometimes, or simply don’t stick through it long enough to really feel the results, right? Well, you can start off with a 5-10 minute meditation, and try to include it as part of your morning routine ritual. Gradually, see if you can increase the duration and see how it work!
  • Read a book – Isn’t it relaxing to start your day off with one of your favorite books? Indulging in it to the point of feeling that you’ve become one of the characters, will possibly help you in launching off into a dreamy and inspirational day.
  • Watch an informative Ted Talk -These Ted Talk videos are super informative. Just pick whatever topic you’re interested in, or maybe from something you’ve been thinking about lately, and feed your mind early in the day.
  • Declutter yourself – This is one of the most important morning routines. Whether you declutter your room, make your bed, do the dishes that we procrastinate on, or write a to-do list, you’ll feel an immense amount of productivity afterwards. These habits will certainly help you to manage and organize your day right, get one task done after the other, and most of all, declutter your mind. The physical clutter for the most part is a manifestation of our own mental clutter, so let’s make some room!
  • Spend one hour without your phone – It can be hard, yet it’s extremely beneficial to start off the day without waking up, and checking our phones the moment even just one eye opens! Too many of us have this habit fixed into our lifestyle, and this is undoubtedly a necessary mental and digital detox!
  • Think of three things you’re grateful for – If you want to start your day with a smile, or perhaps with a silent form of happiness, then this certainly can put the biggest smile on your face, will help you feel more optimistic, and satisfied. It’s always nice to remember and reflect on our appreciation and thankfulness to life.
  • Listen to music while having your coffee – Regardless which type of genre you’re into, see what you’re in the mood for, enjoy your coffee, and let your mind go on a journey!
  • Sunlight – If you have a small balcony, or have time to drink your coffee in an open air coffee shop or go for a stroll, then try to soak in some vitamin D while you can!

Early morning physical routines

  • Two spoons of apple cider vinegar – Several studies have pointed to the many benefits of apple cider vinegar. One great benefit is weight maintenance, as the vinegar increases the feeling of fullness, reduces bloating, and helps you eat fewer calories throughout the day. Other benefits of the vinegar include its ability in reducing blood pressure levels, increasing insulin sensitivity, and improves digestion. Just make sure to always dilute it with water, and rinse your mouth afterwards to protect your teeth!
  • Hydrate your body with lemon waterLemon water helps in freshening the breath, is a good source of hydration infused with vitamin C, improves digestion, and contains antioxidants.

Activate your body with the following suggestions

Introducing these ideas in your morning routine all depend on how busy your day is, but activating your whole body is as important as going to work! It’ll keep you going, making you feel fresh and productive from the start!

  • Stretch for 10 minutes
  • 30 minutes of yoga
  • 7-15 minutes of any workout

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