Fresh and Young Makeup Artists From Around The Middle East

Everyone is an internet sensation in 2019. Whether you have a thing for fashion, makeup, cooking, memes or life coaching, Instagram has become a platform for all of us to share our talents. Alas, in the world of the internet, only the good few shine and go viral repeatedly.

In 2019, many have made a job out of giving makeup tutorials and their followers are obsessed. How many times have you practiced your beauty gurus’ tips and tricks in front of the mirror? Long gone are the days of 15 layers of non-matching foundation and concealers. Now the beauticians of Instagram are redefining makeup skills.

Now all you have to do is follow one of these regional makeup artists and try your best to slay the look. Here is a list of the youngest and freshest makeup gurus in the Middle East:


Via Hindash

Hindash can turn any woman into a girl fit for a magazine cover. The Jordanian artist started his career reviewing makeup on Youtube and has since won multiple awards.

Maya Ahmad

The Dubai-based beauty blogger has garnered over a million Instagram followers over a short period. Known for simple and effective makeup tutorials that will completely alter your look.

Yara Alnamlah

Yara Alnamlah is a must-follow makeup artist for girls who are over and done with the classic Khaliji look. Alnamlah’s makeup is simple yet glamorous; perfect for every modest hijab-wearing girl.

Soraya Shawki

Dubai-based Egyptian makeup artist Soraya Shawky is one of the best bloggers to show you step-by-step skin care routines

Kiki Ismail

Via Black Creative studios

Worked with some of the world’s top models and magazines, Kiki went viral last month for turning supermodel Zayneb Azzam into Egyptian queen Twosret.

Shariff Tanyous

Sharrif Tanyous is one of the youngest men in Egypt’s makeup industry. Starlets, influencers, and models love him for his iconic colorful eye makeup.

Makeup Squad Egypt

Via Makeup Squad Egypt

Makeup Squad Egypt, a major favorite among brides and celebrities features artists Soha Khoury, Mohamed Rashad and Donia Sedky

Jacob Sami Lambaz

If you highlight and contour for life, Jordanian makeup artist, Jakob Lambaz, shares insane tutorials on his social media platforms.

Nina Ubhi

Via Nina Ubhi

Nina Ubhi is a Dubai-based makeup artist with her own line of products and an impressive clientele including E!’s Catt Sadler.

Hazem Slim (Bouba)

Via Bouba

Bouba is no ordinary makeup artist. Based in Beirut, the artist is known for his work with Haifa Wehbe and Ahlam. If you’re into makeup, you do not want to miss Beautique By Bouba’s courses.

Sonia and Fayza Ali

Born and raised in England, sisters Sonia and Fayza Ali moved to Dubai and became the biggest bloggers in the region. The Iraqi-Turkish sisters are widely known as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner lookalikes.

Masooma Jalil Hashim

Via massoma.hashim

Bahraini artist, Masooma Hashim, knows how to create classic khaliji wide-eye makeup. Fifi Abdo just shared her love for Masooma, and if Fifi approves of her, who are we to disagree?

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