Arab Celebrities’ Makeup Now and Then

When you look back at your photos in the 90s and early 2000s, aside from pure cringe, I bet you ask yourself why in the hell did I used to dress up like that? I usually blame my parents, but, as I got older; during the time between middle school and high school, I realized that obviously, that was the style many of us at that time decided to go for. The crazy makeup; I remember wearing loads of lip gloss, I swear you could see my lips shining a mile away.

It’s a good thing that we weren’t the only ones; Arab celebrities looked a lot different from what we see now. Back then, fashion was all about the really thin-shaped eyebrows, red or brown lipsticks with dark lip liner, and green or blue eyeshadows, with the super-smoky eyes, and finally, the body glitter!

I bet most of us are still obsessed with that shimmer till this day. So, without further ado, here are a few pictures of Arab Celebrities from the late 90s and early 2000s that will give you a blast from the past, making you feel a little more nostalgic.

Nancy Ajram

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Haifa Wahbe

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Najwa Karam

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We used to look up to our favorite celebrity like role models; we tried so hard to dress like them, wear makeup the same way, and we literally wanted to be them. Till today, our favorite Arab celebrities still inspire us; looking as good as they used to, if not even better! Below, you’ll find some of the celebrities’ pictures in 2019 and you’ll notice that actually a lot of the 90s makeup trends are making a comeback. Like blue eyeshadow but in a way where the 90s meet 2019 in a bit more subtle way.

Also, no more crazy arch-like lightening bolt eyebrows, but instead, clean and naturally shaped eyebrows. And instead of flat brown lipstick with dark lip liner, a hint of brown with earthy warm tones, giving more modern beauty looks.


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Myriam Fares

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Samira Said

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WE SAID THIS:  Fashion trends are definitely cyclical!