Flights to Commence From Rome and Naples to Egypt’s Marsa Alam

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By Muhammed Aladdin

Di Viaggi, an Italian News Agency, announced that scheduled flights from Rome and Naples are to start heading for the Red Sea’s coastal haven, Marsa Alam. Starting April 1st, 22 weekly flights between the two countries are expected during the summer period.

Once flights take off between Egypt and Italy, the latter is to become the top of the European market of reference, surpassing Germany, the current title holder with 1.7 million tourists making it to Egypt in 2018.

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Air Cairo, a low-fare airline based, is to manage three new lines, which will include Bergamo to Sharm El Sheikh by March 31st and Rome and Naples to Marsa Alam at the beginning of April. It is worth mentioning, that with 60% ownership, Egypt Air is the parent company of Air Cairo; the latter was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing international tourists coming to Egypt with low prices while maintaining the level of quality expected from other well-established airlines.

In 2018, the Cairo-based airline flew 1.6 million passengers; 120,000 being from Italy. Shareholders believe that this number is expected to rise by 20% during the summer season.

The announcement came in response to the increasing number of flights coming from major Italian cities such as Rome, Venice, and Naples to Marsa Alam, Sharm El Sheikh, and Borg Al-Arab, a number of Egypt’s leading touristic hubs.

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Air Cairo is looking forward to expanding its operational landscape, which currently serves 40 destinations. The company is to add three more aircrafts to its current fleet, increasing the total number of available airplanes to 14.

In northern Italy, three flights from Milan Malpensa to Borg Al-Arab, Sharm El Sheikh, and Marsa Alam are to occur three times a week, while a flight from Venice to Sharm El Sheikh is to take place every Friday. Finally, one from Bergamo to Sharm El Sheikh will operate twice a week; in addition, the route from Bologna; always to the Red Sea, will operate every Sunday and Thursday.

Rome, on the other hand, will have two fixed lines; one is connecting it with Marsa Alam, operating every Monday, while the other links it to Sharm El Sheikh, which is to occur twice a week.

In southern Italy, there will be three main flights; the Bari-Sharm route is to operate every Monday, while Naples will see a whopping four weekly flights to Sharm as well. There will also be a line connecting Naples with Marsa Alam.

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The news agency has shed light on the fact that 11.3 million tourists visited Egypt in 2018; 421,992 of which were Italians, ranking the country in fourth place in the number of European tourists visiting the country. Italian visitors, with the help of Air Cairo, are determined to increase their presence in Egypt.

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