Bridging The Past With The Future: Alula Festival To Provide Guests With Tours Across Historical Sites

A new festival launched by AlUla Moments will bring guests to explore the historical landmarks of AlUla and neighboring cities. The festival titled “The Ancient Kingdoms” will start on Nov. 11, and aims to connect AlUla with the historical cities of Khaybar and Tayma through tailor-made activities for guests. Al Khaleej expressed that the activities will highlight the unique character of each site through after-dark light shows and carriage rides at dawn, as well as hot-air balloon and helicopter flights over monumental prehistoric architecture, culinary pop-ups, and guided trails.

But why are those cities in particular included? Well, the city of Tayma is an archaeological treasure haven, with discoveries continuing to reveal the legacy of successive civilizations, including the largest well in the Arabian Peninsula. It also was a key location on the incense trade route used by Nabateans and their kings. On the other hand, Khaybar was known as a market town for its surrounding mysterious prehistoric stone structures in the shape of kites, keyholes, and rectangles.

Quick facts about AlUla

The first fact about this magnificent city is that It is one of five UNESCO sites in Saudi Arabia. It was also the first UNESCO site in the country. Secondly, in collaboration with The Royal Commission for AlUla, Saudia Airlines launched the world’s first Museum in the Sky back in 2021. Additionally, the AlUla Oasis which is within the Wadi AlQura is another important part of the city as it is famous for its date and palm groves, citrus trees, and rich harvests of oats, wheat, olives, and nuts, making it incredibly beautiful.

Stargazing is also common at AlUla as you can experience the “entire universe” through the clear skies of AlUla with a unique stargazing and dinner experience provided there. Another treasure in AlUla is the historic Old Town, which dates back to the 12th century. It has houses built so they can be fortified by being connected to one another. This amazing location fosters mud-brick buildings, windows looking into secret passages, and rooftop terraces that allow guests to see how life was hundreds of years ago.


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