Cascading Through Nature: Highlighting The Middle East’s Most Picturesque Waterfalls

The Middle East is home to a range of beautiful waterfalls with mesmerizing sights. These waterfalls can even enhance existing settings, contributing to the ambiance that allows visitors to explore such destinations. From Lebanon to Jordan, let’s see for ourselves some of the most picturesque waterfalls in the region.

Ma’in Waterfall, Jordan

There are many wonderful tourist attractions in Jordan, but none can match the Ma’in Waterfall, which is found near Wadi Zarqa. It is a desert oasis located an hour away from Amman, the capital of Jordan, and is renowned for its waterfall, lush green, and mineral springs. The waterfall rushes down the mountain, flowing in the direction of the Dead Sea. Additionally, Romans are believed to have taken baths in the valley’s springs in the past.

Ayn Athum, Oman

Situated near the city of Salalah, in the Dhofar Governorate, Ayn Athum is a waterfall that can only be seen during monsoon season. When it pours, it pours over Jabal Qara and down into the area’s lake. From an aerial view, the area is perhaps one of Oman’s most picturesque landscapes. It resembles a piece of paradise on earth and the area is one of the region’s top tourist destinations with the option to book guided tours.

Afqa, Lebanon

Afqa is a waterfall in the Lebanese city of Byblos, also called Jbeil, that has a story to tell. This is because the waterfall is said to symbolize the birth and death of Adonis, the Phoenician god of beauty and desire. In light of this, the waterfall is produced with water flowing from the Adonis River. Also, the name “Afqa” translates to “source” as water surges out of a limestone cave to form Lake Yammouneh.

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Al-Khaira Forest Waterfall, Saudi Arabia

Al-Khaira Baha’s Forest, one of the most stunning regions in southern Saudi Arabia, offers mesmerizing vistas. The name of the place comes from the area’s numerous water sources, such as the Khaira Waterfalls, which descends from lush green areas that are 20,000 meters wide. This natural landscape is breathtaking and draws visitors from both inside and outside the Kingdom. During certain seasons, the region’s abundant rainfall helps to create the spectacular setting of this forest.

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Wadi El Rayan Waterfalls, Egypt

Considered to be the largest waterfall in Egypt, Wadi el-Rayan waterfall is also home to rare bird species that nest on the shores of the local lakes. To get there, tourists can take a two-hour vehicle ride out from Cairo and down to the waterfall. Wadi El Rayan’s waterfalls are about 15 km away from the reserve’s gate. The waterfalls are beautiful but unfortunately won’t remain forever, because the level of the lower lake is rising continuously, and therefore the water won’t flow through the waterfalls as Egyptian Geographic claims.

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Many people believe that these picturesque waterfalls can only be found in tropical locations or foreign lands, however, as you can see, this is false. The Middle East does contain some spectacular waterfalls that are definitely worth seeing.

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