Unlock The Ancient Mysteries Of Saudi’s AlUla Through The World’s First Museum In The Sky

Once again Saudi Arabia is showing off their national treasures! This time they’re luring us into spectacular aerial views and a chance to unlock the ancient mysteries of AlUla!

In collaboration with The Royal Commission for AlUla, SAUDIA Airlines have launched the world’s first Museum in the Sky! A 1 hour and 20-minute flight from Riyadh to the mesmerising AlUla.

Now, the ancient city of AlUla is often referred to as The World’s Masterpiece, it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula. Whether you love to delve into history or just relish the opportunity to experience life’s beauties… Saudi’s Museum in the Sky, without a doubt, deserves a place on your bucket list!

Museum in the sky
The Boarding Pass of the Sky Museum via The National News

On-Board Entertainment

As if the scenic plane views weren’t enough of a treat… passengers also get an exclusive look at the replica collection made of the artefacts that were discovered during excavations in AlUla.

Museum in the Sky is providing a true connection back to AlUla as a living museum and the significance of the work we do, which we believe is the biggest archeological programme in the world right now!

Phillip Jones, chief destination management and marketing officer at RCU.

SAUDIA Airlines are also treating us to their inflight documentary film ‘Architects of Ancient Arabia’, produced by PowderHouse. With the aim to “inspire, inform and entertain” this special project shows off some of the most stunningly well-preserved evidence of ancient civilizations.

Masa Al-Hijr ~ An After Dark Experience 

Passengers on the Museum in the Sky are able to book tickets to the Hegra ‘After Dark Experience’. An opportunity to immerse yourself in the ancient land. From a candlelit setting, the Queen of Shaklith performance and a stargazing experience surrounded by the stunning Nabataean works of art, we can’t think of anything more breathtaking…

Museum in the sky
Via Twitter
Museum in the sky
Via Twitter

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