5 Methods to Incorporate Digital Signage and Help Your Business Grow

With the increasing popularity of visual content, digital signage (or electronic signage) is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for outdoor advertising.

Examples of digital signage hardware include video walls, LCD monitors, and projectors display user videos, webpages, and marketing messages. They also work well indoors and in public spaces. 

So, if you’re seeking creative ways your business can use the technology to grow and boost sales, below are five of the best!

Promote special items and events

Most companies seasonally organize events and offer products and services to customers in order to attract more customers, or retain existing ones. However, to make this happen, they must get the public’s attention through catchy big screens. 

With digital signage having four times the views than static signs, it’s evident that the public prefers the technology. When promoting events, digital signage is the closest you can get to physically being with your audience.

If you’re planning any special event, create awareness by using digital displays. All you need to do is take advantage of dynamic imagery to inject a human touch into your advertisement.

Entertains guests

Displays on digital signage must not always be for competitive advertisements. While drawing new customers into your fold is excellent for growth, providing the existing ones with impeccable experiences will ensure you don’t spend resources chasing your tail.

For example, waiting room TV is a digital signage option that airports and hotels use to display custom messages, adverts, live feeds, and entertainment to guests in their lobbies. Similarly, your company can rely on digital signage to entertain customers or guests that you already have.

However, make it entertaining by incorporating many interesting programs while subtly solidifying your brand’s messages through the content you display. 

Alert consumers to company changes

Dishing out important company information to customers is just as crucial as marketing your products. Your customers are stakeholders in your business because their behaviors dictate your choices and business models. Use your resources to keep them updated about critical public information from and about your company.

For instance, if you suddenly run out of some popular products or no longer offer fan-favorite services, announce the changes on your digital signage. Also, if you have to close for renovation or structural changes, inform your customers through catchy screen displays. 

Use the screens to prevent backlash from customers and create a wonderful brand experience for them. It is always better they hear critical news from you first, as your version of events will always paint the most optimistic picture.

Finally, the screens aren’t only helpful in breaking bad news. When positive things happen, like your company stock rising or opening a new branch, digital signage will get the word around. And if the information is time-sensitive, digital signage would be quicker than word of mouth, phone calls, or paper ads.

Communicate with your team

Display screens should not just focus on customers and forget the face of any brand — the employees. An informed team is vital for the growth of any company and communication is essential in keeping the staff orderly. In addition, digital signage solutions can add depth to your internal communication strategy when used creatively.

You can use a screen behind the scene to communicate with staff. Passing information such as meeting calendars and worktime information is more manageable with digital display. Your company can also incentivize workers by displaying shoutouts to excellent employees on digital screens.

Finally, digital signage is essential for administrator-employee and company-customer communication. It aids faster and effective communication, and instills a sense of responsibility in the employees.

Share brand values

Your company’s mission statement is as important as every SKU that you produce. Yet, you can often find that your customers are not sure of what you stand for. And, don’t be surprised if further inspection find out that some of your employees don’t understand your brand values.

Your advertising tool could also be invaluable for building your brand’s reputation. When you broadcast your company’s mission statement, core values, and brand promise often, the message will stick in your team and consumers’ minds.

You can also display rules and regulations on your signage to ensure order and discipline among staff. And, like the previous idea, use digital signage to keep your team abreast of essential changes in the company. 

Lastly, using your display boards to remind everyone of the values that move the gears of your company will help boost your credibility and solidify your spot as an industry thought leader.

Digital signage is not just for in-store advertisement and small-scale information dissemination. Many digital signage solutions are handy for growing your business if you know how to get the best out of them. If you’re looking to invest in these efficient displays, ensure you get solutions that allow you to be flexible. Make sure to use the tips above to leverage digital signages and boost sales!

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