From Body Contouring to Pigmentation Treatment, These Beauty Pioneers are Finally in Egypt

Having just opened their doors at Waterway White, Schön Clinics are offering elite beauty treatments and surgeries right at the heart of Cairo! The ultra-modern clinic is just one of the soon-to-be international group of clinics, with branches opening soon in the region’s biggest cities including Beirut and Dubai.

Just like the services they provide, the clinic’s sleek, modern look goes hand in hand with their dedication to utilizing the latest, most progressive technologies in treatments. With privacy and the patient’s health and wishes as their most valued goals, their personalized, diligent, and professional consultancy for every single patient sets them miles ahead of the curb. The clinic was established by leaders of the industry, spearheaded by Dr. Islam Gawish, Dr. Ghada Koura, and Dr. Noha Shukry.

Offering a luxurious and holistic cosmetic journey, they prioritize non-invasive procedures with their state of the art machinery that is just borderline groundbreaking. They have the latest lasers and treatments like Morpheus 8, Cynosure, CO2 laser, HydraFacial, HIFU Facial, Forma and Fractora by Inmode, and Spherofill. They offer the newest and most effective treatments for the most commonly sought after procedures such as body contouring, anti-aging, anti acne scars and pigmentation, and much, much more. If that isn’t impressive enough, Dr. Gawish, one of the founding partners of the clinic, and an Aptos certified trainer, is well renowned for his inspiring approach to plastic surgery as an act of love. If you aren’t convinced that this is your journey to self-love, then this is your sign!

Schön Clinics are set to accompany more people along their beauty journey, with more locations set to open in Egypt’s premier neighborhoods. The collective experience of the set of experienced doctors behind these chic and luxurious clinics is formidable, and is enough assurance of the quality and deluxe experience you’re sure to find at Schön Clinics. Book your appointment now!

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