6 Reasons Why we Should Stop Using Emojis

Emojis have become a common means of expressing ourselves, but how successful are they really in doing so? We use them to indicate that we’re laughing, upset, frustrated, angry, and “lovey-dovey.” Often times, however, over-doing them can be problematic in many ways. For the sake of lighter times, we’ve gathered for you six reasons why we should stop using them.

Lazy means of expression

Emojis have often become a replacement of words. I love you, becomes a heart. I want to show you that I’m laughing, I put a laughing crying emoji face. To a certain extent, they fail to give you the space to express your emotions and thoughts for yourself. They become a go-to place through which to send a certain message, taking away from any effort exerted to send that message for ourselves.


Ever sent a kissy face, and given an overtly flirty vibe? Emojis often send the wrong message, as they can be interpreted in more than one way. As words are a more explicit, and intricate form of expression, it is less risky to send across a mixed signal, or a misleading one. And not just that, some emojis fail to represent the emotion behind them. The smiley face, as an example, looks cold and stand-offish, when it is meant to indicate a smile.

Too much

On another level, these facial means of expression can feel over the top. They can be so vivid that they intensify the conversation, to the point that it feels forced.


Many may not agree on this one, but emojis can be very childish. At times, it feels immature to express yourself through an animated face. Why do we need to adopt them in our language, when we have words to do just that?

Lack feeling/connection

Emojis often take away from the sincerity of a dialogue or conversation. They can be so graphic, intense, or perhaps, not intense enough, such that they stiffen the connection you’re trying to build with whomever you’re conversing with. As they lack feeling, they take away from the message or emotion being sent.

Lack subtlety

There is a certain beauty in subtlety, in the way you can send a certain message without quite sending it. Emojis don’t do that for you, they send the message in all the direct ways possible. Trying to read something between the lines? Emojis will bridge them for you!

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