3rd Century B.C. Greco-Roman Gold Coin Discovered in Egypt

By Febronia Hanna

A historic one-ounce gold coin was found in the area between North of Cairo and East of Alexandria by an Egyptian archaeologist, the coin belongs to the Greco-Roman period.

The gold coin has the face of King Ptolemy the third on one side and on the other it has a symbol of prosperity and success embodied by a figure of cornucopia surrounded by the King’s name.

King Ptolemy was an ancestor of Cleopatra’s, but archaeologists say that the coin was made during the reign of King Ptolemy IV — 221 B.C. to 205 B.C — in memory of his father.

The gold coin wasn’t the only thing found by archaeologists but they also found bronze tools, a ram statue, pieces of pottery, and terracotta statues, the archaeologists also say that this won’t be the end of their exploration of the riches in AlGharbia province.

WE SAID THIS: It’s nice to come across pieces of the past!!

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