2020’s First Massive Fireballs Are Expected to Shower Over The UAE’s Sky Tonight

A spectacular and totally harmless meteor shower, inclusive of fireballs, is expected to streak through the UAE’s skies tonight, marking the first meteor shower of spring 2020, so make sure to look up!

The meteors are part of the Lyrids, named after the Lyra constellation, have been around firing across the skies for the past couple of days, however, the clouds that obstructed our view have now lifted, so the best chance to see them is at its peak, where up to 18 meteors per hour will be firing across the sky. According to NASA the best time to watch the meteor shower is from 10 pm onwards tonight, and during early hours of Thursday, up until sunrise.

It’s predicted that with a clear sky you can see up to 15 fireballs cascade across the sky. So prepare yourself for a spectacular late night. Grab your blanket and get cozy with your family in your garden or your balcony, and gaze up at the beautiful stars because this is the most entertainment we will get for a while.

WE SAID THIS: Stay tuned!

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