Louvre Abu Dhabi Just Revolutionized Advertising With This New Highway Art Gallery

Via Gulf Today

If you’re driving down the E11/Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, then you’ll probably notice magnificent artworks alongside the highway. The recently opened Louvre Abu Dhabi has launched their latest marketing campaign. To celebrate the UAE’s Innovation Month, the museum has unveiled the world’s first radio-guided “Highway Gallery” on February the 15th, 2018.

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The museum put 10 billboards featuring 10 of the exhibited artworks. In partnership with Abu Dhabi Media Company, three radio channels will dedicate their time and help complete the audio-visual experience. The channels; Radio 1 FM (100.5 FM), Classic FM (91.6 FM) and Emarat FM (95.8 FM), will automatically play a 30-second explanation about each artwork as the drivers pass by. Hence, you won’t have to crash into another car in order to read anything; the pieces will come to life for you.

Via Gulf Today

The displayed masterpieces span from the era of Italian Renaissance to the modern age. Those include Vincent Van Gogh’s 1887 Self Portrait, Leonardo Da Vinci’s La Belle Ferronnière, and a 2,000-year-old Emirati coin. The 100 kilometers long Highway Gallery will be running for an entire month, covering the distance between Seih Shuaib to Rahba City.

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