This Saudi Boy Will be Your Inspiration for the day!

By Febronia Hanna

This Saudi happy boy, named Saif, is dancing joyfully while his doctor is shooting the happy moment after the kid was told that his kidney transplant was a complete success and that he won’t be needing any more medical procedures.

The video was then tweeted by the ministry of health in Saudi Arabia and gained a lot of likes and shares in just a few hours from posting.

The tweet of the Saudi Ministry of Health explained: “With innocence and happiness, the boy Saif asked his doctor to spread his video for more and more likes, the words were expressed from the boy’s heart — after he realized that there will be no more long dialysis sessions and that his kidney transplant has been a success.”

The Ministry of Health’s tweet thanked Dr. Mohamad Salah and Dr. Mahmoud Obeid for their excellent job.

WE SAID THIS: Life can be sour sometimes, but when it turns out well, don’t forget to goofy dance!