Meet The Arab-Inspired Graphic Tees Taking Over Streetwear

In the world of streetwear fashion, there has been a boom in graphic tees adorned with Arabic designs and calligraphy. They have been taking the Arab fashion world by storm, and for a good reason, as they are not only uber-cool but also steeped in Arab culture. Let’s take a look at the coolest brands out there:


It all started back in 2017 when the Lebanese apparel brand Boshies decided to create a modern incarnation of the tarboosh hat, and that is how they became a contemporary brand that puts a contemporary spin on Arab clothing.

They were actually able to re-design a modern tarboosh hat that can be worn by both men and women.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and today, they are all about advancing Arab culture through cool streetwear.

They got everything from their Digital Nostalgia collection, including black T-shirts decorated with the word “Error” in Arabic amid a Matrix-esque box, as well as a collection all about Daydreams that includes black T-shirts emblazoned with the word “Daydreams” in Arabic repeated many times on the T-shirt’s back.

Amongst Few

Known as the UAE’s premier streetwear brand, Amongst Few was brought to life in 2013. It inherits the Emirati philosophy of simplicity and function. Like Boshies, it is all about pure Arab representation.

In its T-shirt collection, you can find some cool designs, like its ‘Timeless’ Tee, which features a deconstructed watch labelled with Arabic text. It is also emblazoned with cool Arabic words like “al gamal we el raha le nafsik” (beauty and relaxation for yourself).

Native Threads

Back in 2020, Native Threads came to life, a multifunctional lifestyle collective and Arab streetwear brand all about celebrating Middle Eastern culture. Every T-shirt, hoodie, and sweater is inspired by vintage Middle Eastern elements.

Being a collective, the brand has its own in-house designs as well as items designed in collaboration with local Middle Eastern artists.

Many of the T-shirts focus on Palestine and celebrate its rich culture. One design boasts the oranges of the Palestinian city of Jaffa, with the words “Jaffa Oranges” inscribed in Arabic.

They even have a very cool celebration of Arab culture: a T-shirt inscribed with the words “United Arab Republic” in Arabic, featuring a strong woman wielding a torch against a background of Arab flags. This is a true image of Arab unity we all aspire to.

Proud Angeles

In 2016, the brand came to life and acted as a bridge between the modernity of LA and Saudi street culture. They know how to drop cool collections that bring creativity and expression to new heights.

One of their coolest collections is “For Arts Sake”, a collaboration between Proud Angeles and Riyadh-based artist San Shyn.

The collection is all about embracing art, creativity and self-expression. Some of their designs include black T-shirts depicting a skilled hand smoothly spinning a turntable with the words “put on some music” with the word “music” in Arabic. That is the mere essence of the brand.

Shabab Intl

In 2013, a particular Dubai-based lifestyle brand founded by photographer Chef Moha knew how to enter the hearts and minds of Arab youth, especially as “Shabab” means youth. Drawing inspiration from sports and leisure, the brand shows its interpretation of the world through design.

The brand is central to the Gulf’s growing streetwear movement. In its collection, Arab culture and music are brought to the forefront. A great example is one of their T-shirts inscribed with the Arabic words “‘el disco, el disco, el disco.. el disco hay7adisco!’ (the disco will modernize you).

It is fun reference to the 80s song “el disco” by Egyptian darbuka legend Khamis Henkesh. That is just one example of their unique immersion of Arab culture into streetwear attire.


Coming to life back in 2019, QUWA is the Egyptian streetwear brand that sheds light on art, apparel and experiences that celebrate the diversity of urban culture. The brand is dynamic and all about power, knowing that its name, “QUWA”, means power.

A T-shirt that exemplifies all those aspects of the brand, including power and urban culture, is their “taqa” shirt. It has the Arabic words “Foul Quwa” (foul is power) with a graphic design of a can of foul with fire below it. It celebrates power, Egyptian culture, and urban culture, the epitome of “QUWA.”

This streetwear movement taking over the Arab world is only getting bigger, as more brands take over the fashion world.

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