Unleash Your Inner Funk With Local Egyptian Streetwear Brands

With social media trends having a significant impact on the fashion industry, some of the top streetwear brands have been inspired to innovate and produce timeless pieces. To help you appreciate our Egyptian pop culture, we’ve selected the top owned businesses that offer funky streetwear and accessories.

With everything from fanny packs to beanies, you’ll undoubtedly have a killer outfit that highlights your character and personal interests. So let’s start shopping!

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are the newest fashion craze, and they’re actually efficient because they can easily take the place of a handbag while bicycling, walking, or if you’re going for that drippy look while clubbing. They are also ideal for trips since they make it simple to carry your passport, wallet, phone, and even headphones.

Where can you purchase them? Well, Up-fuse offers stunning streetwear designs with a more philanthropic approach. By recycling plastic waste and integrating them into their production, the Cairo-based brand seeks to raise awareness about the environment. These fanny packs can be purchased for anywhere from EGP500 to EGP900, which may seem a bit overpriced to some. You can place your order online or head to their showroom in New Cairo’s First Settlement. Also, Virgin Megastore sell their products and you can find them at City Stars Mall, Mall of Arabia, Mall of Egypt, and Cairo Festival City.

Via Up-Fuse


If we’re talking about socks, In Your Shoe is undoubtedly one of the top regional Egyptian brands for producing visually stunning designs. The brand has you covered with the most recent pop-culture reference designs, whether it’s summer or winter. What’s even better are the low prices which we believe will appeal to a wide audience. Around the holidays, they make a lot of offers and sales on socks, which typically vary from EGP50 to EGP100.

The brand has grown in popularity as a result of its active social media presence and the frequent release of new designs that a lot of teens and adults love. You can either go to their store, which is located in Cairo Festival City Mall in New Cairo, or place an online order. The brand also offers international delivery service for those living abroad.


In order to protect our heads from the brisk winter air, beanies, which first appeared in Wales in the 12th century, have become a crucial component of our winter look. Yet, you wouldn’t want to wear a beanie without some cool language or graphics on it, right? Qaaf Gallery offers you some of the most stylish beanie designs we’ve seen to dateز.

The brand has stores in Downtown, Maadi, and Mansoura, but you can also place an order online through their website and picking the style that appeals to you the most. All of the beanies offered by Qaff Gallery are now priced at EGP100, they also have Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and One Piece beanies.


Mawlah, a local Egyptian clothing brand, is known for its hoodie designs that pay homage to Egyptian history and pop culture. For instance, this hoodie features lyrics from the well-known song “Zahma Ya Donia Zahma” (Crowded, the world is crowded) by Egyptian legend Ahmed Adaweyah. There are more ones with pictures of King Farouk, Cairo Tower, and hookahs on them.

Mawlah currently doesn’t have a physical store; instead, you can order online through their pages as they have significant following on Facebook and Instagram. To find out their prices, you have to send them a message on one of these platforms but they usually cost between EGP400 and EGP800, depending on the print and design itself.

Tote Bag

Tote bags are certainly sustainable, eco-friendly, and customizable. They are also popular because of their ease of cleaning; if they get dirty, all you have to do is throw them in the washer and they’ll look brand new.

Palma’s tote bags have established themselves as a major player in the streetwear scene. They have stores in City Centre Almaza, Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, City Centre Alex, and Cairo Festival City Mall. The designs of vibrant patterns are popular, but the pricing may be a bit overwhelming. Prices range from EGP500 to EGP700, and you can also shop online through their website.

Via Palma

With the help of these brands, you’ll be able to discover trendy streetwear that is also reasonably priced and suits your personality!

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