Lounge Around In These local Brands For International Sweatpants Day

Ever since the pandemic hit, a huge shift occurred in the world of fashion where people began to care more about comfort rather than style. A boom in comfortable fashion spread like wildfire with sweatpants and hoodies becoming as commonplace as jeans and sneakers, donned by everyone in malls, restaurants and everything in between. The pandemic also brought something else to the limelight, that of local brands taking over Instagram’s online shopping sphere. With it being International Sweatpants Day, what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at some of the top local brands known to produce the comfiest winterwear: sweatpants.


Opening its doors in 2021, the Egyptian e-commerce brand has been churning out everything from leggings to sweatpants for all ages. Their line of sweatpants is very diverse, coming in different designs, colors and shapes. For a more playful style, you can go for their tie dye sweatpants that come in black, brown and sky blue while for a simpler look, you can opt for their classic high waist options that can be paired with a simple sweatshirt. With prices ranging from 150 to 210 EGP, they are considered one of the most affordable local sweatpant brands out there.

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Post-pandemic season was the era of athleisure and stylish sweats to the extent that some of the biggest influencers took on the trend and began their own line of winterwear. Among these big names is Dina Dash, the influencer who raised to stardom after starting out by making funny videos with her brother, Ahmed Dash. Since then, she surged in viral popularity amassing more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Following the successful launch of her own agency dubbed Dash Management in 2015, she entered into the world of online fashion, creating her very own brand known to everyone as MFNS. This adorable athleisure line is made up of sweat suit sets that come in multiple colors and have funky playful names to boot like their cream colored hoodie and sweatpants duo dubbed “Shay Belaban”. More on the costly side, one pair of her sweatpants would range from 450 to 600 EGP. To order, you can head to their website or Instagram page.


Pronounced “kee-yako”, this brand whose brainchild is the young entrepreneur Khaled El Masry has been making big waves since it launched back in October 2020. Minimal in design, this was El Masry’s attempt at releasing unisex comfortable fashion in simple pastel hues. Each set is made up of a hoodie and matching sweatpants coming in different colors like sage green, lavender and sky blue. The brand also boasts bolder sets that come in colors like black and red, emblazoned with cool messages like “Explicit Feelings”. The entire collection of sweatpants is priced at 560 EGP a pair and are available to order through their Instagram page as well as their official website.


Born out of the seaside city of Alexandria is the local brand famously known as Ayo. This brand is all about the street smart look and specializes in a special kind of line of sweatpants that come in stonewash prints. That washed off look is very edgy and heightens the simplicity of wearing sweatpants by making them more grungy and street-like. Ayo’s special collection of sweatpants comes in four unique colors: grey, maroon, navy blue and olive and exude a baggy fit as well as stretchable ankle cuffs. When it comes to prices, each pair of sweatpants costs 600 EGP and can be ordered either online through their website or by sending them a message on their Instagram.


For a touch of unique sustainability, a go-to brand for sweatpants would be Up-Fuse, a Cairo-based environmentally and socially conscious brand that launched way back in 2013. Its founders, Yara, Lama and Rania used their passion for the environment and applied the slow fashion model as the essence of their brand.

Up-Fuse is all about upcycling wherein they would take everyday items like plastic bottles and tires and transform them into new and unique fashion pieces. Every type of clothing they sell is made through this process including their line of sweatpants that come in two classic colors, black and white. Each pair comes with a special label stitched on its front that would say “I was once a 38 Years thrown water bottle. Now I am an Up-Fuse Piece. Eco-Friendly Product 6 Plastic bottles saved”. To get your hands on a pair, you can head to the website to make an order with one pair costing 750 EGP.

Time to strut the streets while feeling comfortable and with this list, you have a wide range of options to go for as each brand offers something different whether it’s sustainable or uniquely designed wear. Best part is you can pair the sweatpants with pretty much anything, making it a very versatile fashion piece.

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