Highlighting Top Local Brands To Keep You Warm This Winter

The winter season is an annual time when everyone craves getting cuddled up and cozy to warm up, especially since last weekend’s massive drop in temperature and the continuous bouts of rainy and foggy days. Such weather usually calls for soft and snuggly hoodies, onesies and pajamas that exude a warm comfort, unlike any other winter wear. Since the lockdown, there has been an ongoing growth of local Egyptian brands hitting up Instagram’s online shopping sphere as well as the streets of Cairo. To get your needed dose of warmth, we’ve picked out some of Cairo’s best local brands that specialize in everything from comfy onesies to fluffy robes.


From massive giraffe onesies to Christmas blanket monks that mimic flowing robes, Snuggs which opened its doors by Mohammed Ali in 2014 is known to churn out high-quality soft home wear that exudes winter comfort. Starting off online, their products were such a big hit that they ended up opening their very own store at Cairo’s The Yard.

Depending on if you go for their onesies, blanket monks, or blanket hoodies, prices would be between 600 to 900 EGP and orders can easily be made either through their official website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or by email.

In Your Shoe

Since they started out in April 2018, the Egyptian streetwear brand has been all about tapping into our playful and whimsical side. Starting off as a socks brand, its founder Ezz Tarek wanted to fill a big gap in the market when it came to socks adorned with funky prints like the Mona Lisa. At that time, these socks could only be bought abroad so Tarek wanted to bring them to all the way to Egyptian shores.

When COVID hit, the idea grew bigger as Tarek decided to remake those very same prints on the socks onto everything from pajamas to fluffy blankets and onesies. That’s when sales skyrocketed and today, it continues to be a massive hit with two stores already open to the public. What makes them special are their unique designs like for example their fluffy robes emblazoned with funky messages: “Acting As CSF Chief Sleeping Officer.” When it comes to their prices, they range from 500 to 900 LE. To get your hands on any of their playful winter home wear, you can make your order through their website or Instagram page.


Taking off this year, BKY is Egypt’s latest winter wear brand with a special focus on acting as the customer’s guardian angel. Their motto is to offer you products that you’d usually find at home but make them accessible outdoors. That is why their first-ever product is their BKY blanket, an extremely soft cover that will make you feel at home even when you are chilling with your friends or “spotting” at any of Cairo’s hangout spots.

These blankets come in several colors including royal red and dark grey, costing 550 LE a piece. To get your hands on one of these winter coverups, you can drop them a message on their official Instagram page.

Not Found Co

Simplicity at its best, Not Found Co is a minimal-style unisex brand that was the brainchild of two step-sisters, Dina Tarek and Tamara Sherif. Their clothes cater to everyday individuals with a focus on comfort and minimalism. Even their color palate is of simple, calm hues like their earl grey or matcha hoodies. For an extra dose of cozy comfort, they also offer fluffy polar bear loungewear sets and teddy bear kimonos.

When it comes to their prices, they are more on the pricy side with their cheapest hoodie costing 850 EGP. They do have an ongoing sale with some of their products sold 50% off like their teddy sweatpants costing 375 LE or their teddy kimono for 300LE. You can check out their official website or Instagram page to make your order.


Blankets galore, that is what Egypt’s Blankout is all about with their moto being that they are “the comfiest and trendiest blankets in town.” This brand jumped straight into the gist of any winter season by focusing solely on blankets, a staple winter item that is known to keep us warm during the chilliest days of the season. Adding a creative touch to the well-loved winter staple, Blankout’s blankets come in some of the coolest prints and designs including their Egyptian film collection like their Zaki Chan-themed throw blanket.

When it comes to their prices, they are pretty reasonable ranging from 350 to 400 EGP and even their latest Christmas collection decked out with prints of gingerbread cookies and Santa Claus are also sold within that range. To try out these blankets, you can buy them through their website or send them a message on their official Instagram page.

So with that, there are many ways to cuddle up this winter; whether it’s by swaddling a cool printed blanket, walking around with a fluffy robe, or sliding across your floor wearing funky socks. Make sure to also have your camera ready and snap a few winter-fueled memories to commemorate the new year.

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