Nadal, Ronaldo, and Gasol’s Tatel: Bringing Spanish Fine Dining to Dubai’s Cosmopolitan Scene

Beyond their shared prominence in the global sports world, Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo, and former Spanish professional basketball player Pau Gasol also seem to be connected in the world of fine dining.

After opening branches in Madrid, Ibiza, Beverly Hills, Mexico City, and Riyadh, their co-owned restaurant Tatel has now made its way to Dubai.

How It All Started

Tatel started out as a dream between its founding partners of serving true Spanish gastronomy beyond borders. That dream came true in 2014 when they opened Tatel in Madrid. That has been followed by the opening of its other branches across the main capitals of the world.

Via Tatel

Serving Up Spanish Haute Cuisine

Let’s break it down: haute cuisine is a French term that refers to a style of cooking that relies on meticulous preparation, elaborate presentation, and high-quality ingredients. This fine-dining restaurant offers this type of cooking.

When dining at Tatel, expect Semolina risotto with grated truffle and battered hake loin with squid ink buckwheat, which are dishes that exude creativity and fine dining finesse.

Bringing Over 20’s America

Along with its dive into Spanish fine dining, Tatel is inspired by the 1920s speakeasy and American bars, which were open during Prohibition, a time when alcohol was not allowed. Bringing back that world, diners get to indulge in unique cocktail creations that take them back to those nights of debauchery.

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Its Arrival In Dubai

On arriving in Dubai, it opened its doors at Hotel Boulevard, Autograph Collection in Downtown Dubai. At its new location, it boasts its traditional Spanish gastronomy mixed in with cosmopolitan influences that align perfectly with Dubai’s diners, who boast a melting pot of cultures.

Via Zawya

In Dubai, as with its other global locations, it pairs delicious Spanish cuisine with live music and a bustling bar scene.

The new restaurant adds to Dubai’s rich roster of fine dining spots that continue to place the Emirate at the top of the global dining scene.

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