How to Go Cheap in Dubai: Nas Daily And Steve Harvey Break It Down

Dubai is one of those cities that combines many cultures and diversities in just one place; from different ethnicities to a huge food and cuisines diversity and definitely style and fashion that suits all tastes. Dubai is a city that offers you everything, literally everything you can think of, however, there is this misconception about its costs and expenses. Since offers you this easy and luxurious life that every one of us would want to enjoy, but there are those who complain about its high expenses. Have you asked yourself if you have lived it right? We all visit cities or different countries and mainly follow this typical mainstream path and don’t know all the sneak peeks that will help us live a cheaper life. Most people don’t dig deeper in order to help themselves solve such financial issues.

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In this video Nas Daily, a public figure who makes creative videos and creates certain content that impacts people talks about how you can actually go cheap in Dubai. He breaks this misconception in his video by having the one and only Steve Harvey with him to show the audience some of the tips and tricks on how to go cheap in Dubai.

Both show us in the video how people can increase their expenses there such as customizing their own type of perfumes, Oud scent for example. Now, what about clothes? Maybe instead of buying clothes that cost TOO much money why not dig deeper and get yourself something for 8$ with good quality too. To all the foodies who pay 100$ a meal, go and check out the cheapest meal in the city that serves traditional Pakistani food only for 2.70$ including main and dessert.

Dubai is expensive and that’s right but if you don’t dig deep in it then it’ll be your loss; look harder everyone because there’s a lot of potential to you to actually save some good money.

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