When Will People Stop Poisoning Street Animals In Cairo?

All over Cairo, wherever you’re walking, it’s likely that you see some street animals, and in some places more than others, there are many of them. Unfortunately, street animals, who are more commonly known as “Baladi” dogs or cats, are not loved by everyone in the city. Many people fear them or dislike their presence or the noises they make, so instead of just leaving them alone or letting them be, they kill them. There have been repetitive incidents where people cover the streets of certain neighborhoods in poison, so the dogs and cats sniff or lick it and die. This time it was in Maadi, and a number of dogs were found killed around the Nile Corniche, Degla, and Mostafa Kamel area.

To say the least, these actions are inhumane and should definitely be punishable by law. The below picture was being shared all over social media yesterday, to warn pet owners who usually walk their pets around.

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