Ahmed Mekky’s Love for Animals is Just Goals and This Video is all the Proof We Need

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One of the most popular Celebrities in the Arab World is Ahmed Mekky; the very talented Actor, Rapper, Director, and Writer! He’s been known for his groundbreaking movies like ‘H Dabour’, ‘La Tarago3 W La Esteslam’, and ‘Teer Enta’. He also was on top of his game in several seasons of his TV series ‘El Kebeer’. Mekky also introduced Egyptian rap to millions with his well-written and produced tracks.

However, besides his undebatable talent in different fields, one more thing made his fans fall in love with him unconditionally; his love for animals! This video was posted on Mekky’s social media platforms, with him feeding a baby sugar glider, and it went viral for all the right reasons. The video garnered more than 2 million views in less than three days!

صباح الحب و الرزق

صباح الحب و الرزق

Posted by Ahmed Mekky on Saturday, January 18, 2020

His love for animals (and especially birds) is very obvious on his social media accounts, but he made it very clear during his heartwarming interview with TV Presenter Mona El Shazly.

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