When Rap Meets Fashion: Wegz Teams Up With Local Brand Ohanna For Their Latest Collab

Let’s get all Wegz-ed up! One of Egypt’s top artists has launched his own fashion line; Wegz X Ohanna. Our favorite rapper, Wegz, has actually collaborated with Ohanna; an Alexandrian clothing company that embodies the metamorphosis of Ancient Egyptian designs from temple wall art to modern patterns and refined motifs. This is when rap meets fashion.

Via Instagram

Can we now say that Wegz has it all? The mise en scene of the event was all Wegz-ed with some of his song lyrics and designs hanged on the wall. We can now call him a designer and artist too. Watch out everyone because Wegz is booming all the way!

Now here are some of his unique designs that you can also find on the website www.wegz.shop

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