Arab Rap 101: 15 Songs That Represent

Everyone in the Arab speaking world is noticing the drastic rise of the rap scene in the region in the past couple of years! Since the rap scene was already solid in other parts of the region like Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, and Lebanon, the Egyptian rap scene made the biggest leap since 2018. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been into Arab rap for ages or if you just started liking it when it became more popular, in both scenarios, you’ll receive criticism of some of your friends who can’t stand your playlist during car rides and won’t give the genre a chance!

We’ve curated for you the best playlist to introduce your friends to Arab rap/hip-hop, and if this playlist didn’t get them into it, I hate to break it to you, but nothing will. We’ve compiled some of the most popular (or most underrated) songs, that will serve as the perfect introduction to this interesting scene. You’ll find in the playlist some old school legends who contributed to shaping the scene alongside daring newcomers that took things to the next level.

Wegz – Dorak Gai

The Synaptik X Dodongull – La Shay2 Yoz3ejoni

Marwan Moussa – Sheraton

Malikah ft Z The People – Sma3

Afroto – Segara

El Rass – Bilal

Abo El Anwar – Scoo Scoo

Abyusif – Ana Mesh Ha2adar Had

Marwan Pablo – Free

Bu Kolthoum – Jouwana

Shahyn – Sout Baga3

Farghly Blax – BRR BRR

Shabjdeed – SINDIBAD

Qusay – Yalla

Batistuta – El Moled

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