A Hopeful Future; New York Stock Exchange and Disney Projections Show Promise

When people think of Disney, they often think of Disneyland or Disney World. The pandemic has left a lot of Disney lovers waiting to explore at the theme parks again. There is more to Disneyland than just theme parks, however. Sometimes the cruise line comes into mind, but there is actually a lot more to the Disney line than immediately meets the eye.

Disney Travel Destinations Amid COVID-19

Coronavirus has definitely put a damper on a lot of people’s vacation plans when it comes to visiting any of the Disney locations, but it does not mean that Disney stocks have completely plummeted and that it is not worth investing in Disney.

Disney Park Locations, Resorts, and Travel Include:

  • Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii
  • Walt Disney World in Florida
  • Disneyland in California
  • Disneyland in Paris
  • Disney Vacation Club
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Adventures by Disney
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
  • Shanghai Disney Resort
  • Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan

Disney Retail and Movies Keep Stocks Up

Disney sees a lot of profits from its retail line. Children and adults enjoy the Disney classics and new releases. The merchandise that goes along with these films brings in a large portion of Disney revenue. Clothing, toys, video games, and decorative accessories all contribute to a vast portion of Disney’s revenue. Those following the NYSE: DIS will notice fluctuations in the market.

The fluctuations could be due to new movie releases and phased reopening plans where certain Disney theme parks are located.

Spending Time at Home Still Creates Profits

With many people spending more time at home and not visiting the many Disney travel destinations amid this pandemic, there is an increase in home-based entertainment needs. Disney also has studio entertainment ties with Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm. This gives at-home viewers an opportunity to purchase their favorite films and enjoy them right in the comfort of their own living room. These sales have helped keep Disney stocks on the New York Stock Exchange still competitive.

Is It a Good Time to Invest in Disney?

Disney is a steadfast in the world regardless of the status of the pandemic. While the stocks may have decreased in value due to the bans on travel, it is still a good time to invest. This is actually a prime time to purchase some Disney stocks at a decreased price and hold on to them. There are safe options that can be established when acquiring stocks. If the value dips below a set dollar amount, you can set up your account to sell them immediately.

Stocks in Disney will hold their value well because Disney will not stop releasing animated shows and merchandise. The movie sales, even if via DVD only, and the merchandise sales will keep the stocks favorable. Eventually, there will come a time where people will be able to travel again and the theme parks, resorts, cruises and vacation clubs will all see a surplus of travelers excited to explore.

Those who are willing to invest now will see a reward later. Patience is definitely important when it comes to investing in any stocks that revolve primarily around tourists but knowing that there is some hope in the retail and entertainment side should be enough to entice even the leeriest of investors.

Follow the Market, But Follow Your Instinct As Well

All throughout this pandemic, investors have been a bit more tense than normal. The shut down of a lot of businesses and entertainment venues has left many struggling to find new investments. While tourism and entertainment have been down, online meetings, education, and pharmaceuticals have all been up. There are some businesses, such as Disney, that have been able to survive even the most volatile of markets and come out ahead. Keep your hopes up and go with your instincts when it comes to investing. If a business has fared well in the past for a lengthy amount of time, it is a safe gamble to buy in while the stocks are low and hold on. Patience will result in rewards for those who are willing to wait this out.

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