Let it Shine: How to Make Amazingly Simple DIY Candles

By Malak Khaled

When I think of candles, the first thing that comes into my mind is relaxation. Recently, many grew a special interest in candles, specifically scented candles. Due to the current circumstances and quarantine, many of us are finding things to do including crafts and art. So why not try making a candle at home?


This is one of many ways you can do a candle yourself at home:

Materials (Things you’re going to need):

Package of candle-making soy wax

Package of large candle wicks

Bottle of fragrance oil (Optional)


Heat-proof container

Double boiler


Pair of chopsticks or pencils


1) Make sure you’re working on a clean and flat surface or table, you can protect it with paper towels or newspaper.

2) Measure the amount of wax you need to fill your container then double it, that’s how much wax you need to melt.

3) Pour the wax into the double boiler and melt it for 10-15 minutes and stir it frequently.

4) When the wax melts, you should follow the instructions on how to add the fragrance oil. Pour it into your melted wax and stir it for few seconds (Optional).

5) Attach or superglue the wick to the bottom of the container before pouring the wax.

6) Let the wax cool for few minutes then when the thermometer reads 140 degrees slowly pour the wax into the container but hold the wick in place without pulling on it.

7) Leave a small amount of wax in the boiler to top the candle off with it later.

8) Secure the wick to prevent it from swaying in the melted wax, by laying two chopsticks or pencils across the top of the container on each side of the wick so it would be centered.

9) Leave the wax to set for 4 hours at room temperature.

10) If the candle hardened with cracked tops or holes, reheat and add the remaining wax and let it harden.

11) If your candle flickers or has a tall flame, trim the wick as it should be less than half an inch long.

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