A Throwback to The Most Memorable NYE Firework Displays Abu Dhabi has Shown Us

2020 was one of the most eventful years of our lives, and so the least we could do is end it with a bang! And this is exactly what Abu Dhabi has decided to do. On new year’s eve, a record-breaking firework show will adorn the sky over Al Wathba for 35 minutes. The show, which is set to be the world’s first ‘Girandola’ fireworks display, is set to be the largest straight-line fireworks display, and part of the ongoing Sheikh Zayed Festival.

Spectacular new year’s eve fireworks are no stranger to the UAE, whether they’re in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or any of the 7 emirates. But this year, Abu Dhabi has announced its plan to break two Guinness World Records.

Here’s a throwback to some of the most memorable firework shows in Abu Dhabi in the past few years.

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