Digital Art in the Middle East: 6 Arab Artists You Need to Follow

Art comes in different shapes and styles; whether you’re expressing your emotions, telling a story or just creating a masterpiece. Each piece represents a different interpretation. We all see things in our own eyes and vision and now that we have all this amazing Digital Art in the Middle East, it’s time we celebrate the talent behind it.

Digital art could be many things in one piece. It could be daring, rebellious, sophisticated or maybe provocative too. Here are the top digital artists in the Middle East that have shown us a new unique definition of art; this is when art speaks.

Nour Flayhan (nouriflayhan)

A Lebanese digital artist who tackles revolutionary topics and stories through her illustration. She grew up in the absence of representation for the woman of color in media or magazines. She uses her illustrations as a way of shifting the narrative. Her newest artworks feature imaginary characters pictured creating their own rituals at home while in quarantine to shed “light” on her art. Doesn’t her work just speak to you?

Rex (rexchouk)

While scrolling through this one’s art you’ll get to know his aim. Rex is one of those rebellious artists who discuss different social issues through their pieces. Each piece relates not only to a society, but also to individuals.

Mostafa Zohdy (zohdism)

A freelance illustrator and architect from Cairo, Zohdy portrays and showcases his vision of Cairo through his own, unique style.

Mona El-Kateb (cantarticulate)

Mona El Kateb is an Egyptian artist from Cairo. Her work explores themes of sisterhood, solidarity and identity, and Kateb actively joins social movements that she feels are important, from women’s issues to contributing to efforts to rebuild Beirut.

Rama Duaji

A Syrian artist based between Dubai and Washington DC, her work revolves around the diaspora experience and discrimination in communities of color. Her art speaks for itself!

Deena Mohamed (itsdeenasaur)

An Egyptian illustrator and designer who started making comics at eighteen with her webcomic Qahera about a visibly muslim Egyptian superhero that addresses social issues such as islamophobia and misogyny. She also does freelance illustrations for local and international clients such as Viacom, Google, UN Women, Harrassmap and Mada Masr.

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