Top 10 Business Ideas for Travel Lovers

Travelling has been fascinating people since time immemorial. Earlier, the citizens around the world ventured into the wilderness of the oceans in a quest to find new lands and kingdoms. The business voyages turned into invasions soon. Change is inevitable. And everything changes with time. The reasons for journeys around the world changed from invasion to leisure trips to leisure cum business. Yes, nowadays you can travel, celebrate life, enjoy a foreign country, and earn money. 

Travelling has some hidden, but invaluable benefits too. As you go around exploring the world, viewing diverse customs and cultures, interacting with people of different ethnicities, and spending time with individuals and societies with different perspectives, you will eventually start discovering your inner-self, your soul. No doubt, why traveling and reading are considered the most rewarding hobbies ever. 

Here we are looking at the top 10 business ideas for travel lovers. If you are a travel aficionado, you can think of company formation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Paris, London, Munich, Agra, or any other region of your choice. 

1. Travel Vlogging and Blogging

Different forms of travel blogging have been there since the historic era. It was a kind of travel blogging by travellers like Marco Polo, Xuanzang and Faxian that provides us information about the lifestyles and socio-economic conditions of that period. The medium of communication and the type of audience changed over a period. And that led to blogs about one’s journeys. Vlogging or videos of journeys around the world with voice over or explanations by the traveller are the latest trend. Travel Vlogging and Blogging can give you both money and fame. Besides, fulfilling your desire for travelling.

2. Influencer

The availability of mobile phones installed with high-resolution cameras, editing apps and other requisite software has made video shooting and editing a child’s play. You don’t have to be a professional or technically proficient person to create attractive videos. Once you have acquired enough following on social media platforms, you can consider influencer marketing. This will lend you an assured income, as well as, opportunity to travel to new destinations. The brands and business organizations will fund your travel if they find that you can get them enough publicity and reach. 

3. Tourist Operations

Set up a travel company or tourist operations firm. Obtain a tourism license in Dubai to operate a business in the travel sector offering tour services worldwide. You can travel with tourists, organizing trips and introducing them to a new world. In this case, you will get both money and the pleasure of opening up the world to a set of strangers. Nevertheless, it may need a good amount of money for the initial set up process. You may discuss the project with a business set up service to gather more information. 

4. Destination Wedding Planner

Do you think you have it in you to plan, manage, and organize a wedding event? 

Then, this is a great business idea. A destination wedding has become the talk of the town. People have gone frenzy about novel wedding themes, unique wedding locations, and angelic venues. Becoming a wedding planner can help you travel around the globe, to enticing places and earn a good amount of money. 

5. Motivational Speaker

We all encounter mood swings, anxieties about an uncertain futures, and demotivation at some points in life. Those motivational videos or motivational books elevate our mood through positive thoughts and an optimistic attitude. Motivational speakers have ample opportunities across the world. If you are successful in creating your identity through content-rich motivational lectures and influential communication strategies, you can consider this field. 

Don’t be confused, motivational speaking is also a business. All those motivational speakers you see around charges charge adequately for each of their sessions. Motivational speaking can take you to new places. 

6. Guide

Why not a guide? Although every piece of information about every place on earth is available online, people still love to hear it from a person. Therefore, the requirement of tour guides still exists. You can become a tour guide and travel to new destinations guiding your guests. It will be a rewarding experience for both you and your guests. 

7. Photographer 

We are not speaking about starting a studio at your location. Rather, traveling and capturing exceptional images that capture attention. You need to have passion and talent to pursue this business idea and make it a success. Though there are countless photographers, only those who have the quality, talent, and dedication can succeed in this field. 

8. Digital Expert

Sharpen your skills, learn exhaustive about the latest digital trends and software technologies, and exhibit yourself as an expert willing to freelance. Opportunities to travel to foreign countries and distant places in your own country will come your way. It is a competitive field and you need to be skilled enough to outperform others. Starting this business field is not much expensive, excluding the fee required for learning new software technologies. 

9. Interpreter 

Are you good in English or any other foreign language? Interpretation is an art that necessitates you to be proficient in the language, as well as, a confident public speaker. You can consider turning an interpreter and travel with governmental or private teams around the world. 

10. Personal Assistant

The who’s who in big organizations will need a personal assistant during travel for preparing minutes, for organizing the visits, and reminding them about important events. Consider becoming a personal assistant if you are willing to work with a person and assist him/ her during foreign visits and travels.  In addition, consulting a UAE business setup services can provide you with more insight into each of the business ideas and to help obtain business licenses in Dubai and other Emirates easier. 

The above-mentioned are ten of the business ideas for travel lovers. Some of the ideas mentioned here materialized over the past decade or so. Many more such fields will open up in the future, with the arrival of the latest technologies and changes with the requirements. You can contemplate the business options, discuss them with your family and close friends before finalizing one.

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