A Scoop of Hope: A Church and Restaurant in Dubai Team Up to Offer Wholesome Meals to Those in Need

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, several people across the globe have been suffering financially, especially as some lost their jobs and others became homeless. St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Dubai, together with Vasai Local, chose to help those who are struggling through ‘The Meals of Grace Campaign’. Through this campaign, the restaurant provides a wholesome biryani meal, a juice pack, and a yogurt.

The Meals of Grace Campaign has been offering aid to a number of people in the community since April, just around the time when the country went into lockdown and people began to suffer from the impact of the spread of the virus. The idea was born when the owner of the restaurant, Supriya Fernandes, wanted to do something to help, while still following the right donation sources. So when the church got in touch with them, they decided to contribute. Vasai Local is an Indian restaurant located in Karama, Dubai.

The restaurant packs these wholesome meals, which are then picked up by the church or the UAE Food Bank. During the lockdown period, the campaign reached nearly 6,000 people, all while following social distancing and safety regulations. This initiative is just one of many. There have been a number of campaigns and individual efforts from people helping by offering free meals to people in need.

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