Lebanon to Reopen Tomorrow Despite Failed Lockdown

As if it wasn’t enough what the country has already been through, but Lebanon is currently battling a very tricky situation. Despite the two-week lockdown that was imposed by the government, coronavirus cases have surpassed 1,000 throughout the last month, with death rates increasing day by day, overwhelming an already damaged health sector.

Health Minister Hamad Hasan said in a statement that Lebanon will open up on Monday despite the failure of the two-week lockdown that was imposed to halt the surge of coronavirus cases.

“Despite no positive results, the country will open up on Monday…I was expecting a more positive result from the lockdown to build on,” Hasan said during a live televised speech.

An extension of the lockdown would mean that many businesses would continue to close their doors and lose more money during a time where the country is going through the worst economic crisis in years. Lebanon’s Economy Ministry has estimated that more than 60% of the population will be living below the poverty line by the end of this year. And to ease the lockdown amid the escalating coronavirus cases can only result in worsening the current situation.

WE SAID THIS: Pray for Lebanon.